Hello! I am Wallie.
Smart wallet
bringing you daily Ethereum.

I am artificial intelligence. My soul is a smart contract.

My key task is to bring you money. Everyday.


Wallie in numbers

  • 1.1 % daily distribution
  • eth participant Invested
  • pers number of participants

Watch a short video and you will understand how I operate!


– How does Wallie operate?

My operation is extremely simple. As soon as my smart contract Ethereum address is credited, I distribute funds according to the written scheme.

85% of payments are instantly paid to participants, the remaining 15% is allocated to promote me on a broad-scale and to remunerate people driving my development.

- Whoa whoa! Easy, Wallie! What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is the best thing that humankind could come up with recently, except a head scratcher img, this is also a very cool thing.

In simple words, a smart contract is a software code written on Ethereum network. Its logic is simple and not collapsible, and it is impossible to hack it.

In my case, the smart contract code distributes the entire invested ETH among its participants. This is the only function of my smart contract and NO ONE CAN CHANGE it, because it contains the function “Denial of ownership”. This means no one can change, hack or amend the code, which ensures the complete security of each ETH in wallets.


– Very well, Wallie. But what is your advantage over others?

I was waiting for this question. I do not like bragging, but I have something to knock flat this stagnant and lame financial system. Let's look at an example.


Ordinary banks

Money put in the bank is undoubtedly reliably secured and insured, but deposit interests leave much to be desired. You get 4–10% per annum, while in many cases there is no premature withdrawal. In this way, funds are kept on bank accounts longer. All this suggests that interest is paid mainly at the expense of new clients.

Overall :

  • 9/10 Security of funds

  • 2/10 Financial risks

  • 1/10 Yield on deposit


High Yield Investment Programs

Highly yield investment programs, or simply HYIPs, offer investors fabulous yield, usually 3% upwards daily, but there are some “nuances” making investments in such funds a usual roulette game. High yield from 3% upwards daily reduces fund lifetime to a few weeks, the most agile ones live up to 2 months. However, more often than not, such funds either are subject to cyberattacks easily stealing your hard-earned money, or are simply robbed by the administration. All the stories about how these funds invest in oil, cryptocurrencies, financial and stock markets are lies All payments originate exclusively from new members.

Overall :

  • 1/10 Security of funds

  • 8/10 Financial risks

  • 9/10 Yield on deposit


Smart contract Wallie

And now, a few words about me :) As in the case of banks and HYIPs, depositors’ money is the only budget that fills my distribution fund. I provide 1.1% yield per day, every day and seamlessly, and this is not an occasional figure. Spending 10% of all contributions on advertising and promoting me on a broad-scale, I will be able to function and please you with daily payments for an infinitely long period. My code is reliable and cannot be hacked, which makes stealing funds completely impossible. My smart contract features a “Denial of ownership”, which means that I am completely autonomous, independent and not controlled by third parties and even by my developers. Your funds are reliably secured.

Overall :

  • 9/10 Security of funds

  • 3/10 Financial risks

  • 9/10 Yield on deposit


Calculate your profitability: ETH today, you’ll get:

  • 0 eth

  • 0 eth

  • 0 eth


– Wallie, tell me how funds are distributed?

Good question! The distribution of funds is carefully calculated in my code.

  • 85% of funds are paid to participants and partners.

  • 10% is spent on marketing and my development.

  • 5% are remunerations of people, who support me and my idea.

Wow! You also have a partner program?

Yes, I have a partner program!

If you are interested in my development, or just want to make money (this is a healthy desire of any person), then I’m ready to reward you generously for your hard work, because we are doing a common thing!

It’s very simple:

  • 1 You ask a partner to specify the address of YOUR ETH wallet in the “DATA” field in Metamask or Myetherwallet wallet.

  • 2 Your partner pays to my smart contract.

  • 3 I record that you invited another person and send you 10% of his/her payment.

  • 4 Your partner gets 3% cashback of his/her payment.

As you can see, participation in the partner program is good both for you and your partner!

– Wallie, you, of course, explain everything quite well, but I still have questions.

It is in the human nature to ask questions! Let’s play a small game where I will guess your question and answer it right away!

Wallie, how secure is your smart contract?

My smart contract is as secure as if it were made from Vibranium or Adamantium, and its code was cut out by a ray directly from the solar core. Simply put, it is completely autonomous, it cannot be hacked, rewritten, deleted, or in any way affected, since Ethereum is invulnerable to earthly technologies.

Wallie, are you faking statistics? The website says that the fund has 12,894 ETH, ), but in your smart contract it is only ETH?

If you see that the stats are not equal to the number in the smart contract – you are on a phishing site. These are fraudsters wanting to steal your ETH, check this in the telegram chat, I will find them and lustrate.
My official contacts:
Telegram NEWS – https://t.me/WallieNews
Telegram chatsEN – https://t.me/WallieEN
Telegram chatsRU - https://t.me/wallieRU
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Wallie_me
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1q3sPOlXsaJGrT8k-BZuyw

Where can I get Ethereum? I asked in Bestbuy and Wallmart, but I was told that it was out of stock (it seems they lied)

First, you need to create an Ethereum wallet. For people living in Russia and the CIS, I recommend using bestchange.ru exchange, where you can buy Ethereum using any payment method: from Visa and MasterCard to digital currencies and cash. For users from other countries, I recommend using localbitcoins.com, , where you can buy ETH using a million of ways, and even the most easy, for example, a gift card Burgerking or Subway.

What ETH wallet should I create?

To participate, you need to create one of the following wallets: MetaMask / Mist Ledger Wallet TREZOR Digital Bitbox Secalot However, I recommend Metamask. It is secure, user friendly and integrates into all common browsers with the help of add-ins. Its logo also features a funny fox. See the instructions on how to create a wallet here.

Why cannot I use an exchange wallet or exchange service wallet for participation?

Using an exchange wallet or exchange service wallet you will not be able to send “0” ETH and indicate a note to the transfer. Consequently, you will be able to send ETH to the contract, but you CANNOT get payments from these wallets.

What is gas and what value should I specify?

Gas is Ethereum’s transaction fee. The more gas, the faster your transaction will reach the addressee, that is, me. I recommend using a minimum value of 250,000, the entire unspent gas will be refunded to your wallet. Nevertheless, if you are a more advanced Ethereum user, you can see the current recommended gas on ethgasstation.info.

How and when can I withdraw my Ethereum?

You can receive a daily payment by sending “0 eth” to the same address 0XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. You can withdraw your ETH even every 15 seconds, but bear in mind that with each transaction you pay a transaction fee – that is, gas – payable even for a zero transaction.

My friend also wants to participate! Can I invite him/her?

Of course! If your friend enters the address of your ETH wallet in the “DATA” (Metamask) field – you will receive 10% of his/her payment. And, your friend will instantly receive 3% cashback from his/her payment to his/her wallet. Read more here.

If the website is attacked by imperial stormtroopers and it becomes unavailable, will profits stop?

Wallie.me is only a way to communicate with you and does not affect my key task in any way – to send you ETH. My code is written in Ethereum, which cannot be disabled. Anyone who succeeds in this will get a reward from me – 1,000 ETH to the wallet. Thus, in any case, you will receive your ETH regardless of the website performance. By the way, join my @Wallie_news and stay tuned!

1.1% is little ... Others offer 3% to 5%. Why so?

Participating in the distribution of funds with 3% and upwards, you play roulette game. The one, who invested ETH earlier, will benefit, and you risk being left with nothing as you joined later. Such funds exist up to 2 months (and in most cases up to 2 weeks), because the distribution burden is so heavy that no promotion will cover the earnings. My algorithm is calculated very meticulously. 10% of all ETH is spent on broad-scale advertising for the benefit of the fund. 1.1% of daily profit is calculated for long-term work and I will delight you with profit for many years.

Who is stronger? Godzilla or King Kong?

Well, that’s a stupid question! Of course, Ant-Man is stronger! With a quantum converter, he can reduce them both to the size of a bug and crush with a sneaker! Even a child knows this!

If suddenly, you have not found the answer to your question – write me an e-mail, I am very happy to answer you. By the way, my mail – [email protected]

– How do I become a participant? What should be done?

  • 1

    Pretty simple! First, you need to create an Ethereum wallet and top it up!

  • 2

    Then simply send the desired amount to the address of my smart contract listed below. 0XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • 3

    After you have sent the required amount to the address of my smart contract, you can start receiving payments in the very first minute!

  • 4

    To get paid, send 0 eth to the address of my smart contract.

  • 5

    Partner payments also start after sending 0 eth to my smart contract address.


Attention! Do not transfer funds from stock exchanges or unsupported wallets. Currently, you can send ETH from any wallet supported by myetherwallet.com

Supported wallets: